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Only PROPEL Contour combines mechanical spacing and localized drug delivery to the maxillary sinus, thereby maintaining sinus patency1

Watch Dr. McKinney discuss the case of a 59-year-old woman with CRS and nasal polyposis refractory to medical management and prior MAXILLARY sinus surgery


  • Developed bacterial infection postsurgery

  • Infection was treated with antibiotics and saline rinses

  • CRS symptoms continued

  • Endoscopy reveals thick mucus and residual scar tissue

  • Next steps: revision maxillary mega-antrostomy with PROPEL Contour

CRS, chronic rhinosinusitis.

*This case is intended for general medical education purposes only and is not a substitute for independent clinical medical judgment. Response to treatment may vary from patient to patient.

PROPEL Contour is an hourglass-shaped implant, 8 mm in nominal length, and indicated for the frontal and or maxillary sinus ostia1

Surgery + PROPEL Contour provides benefits following maxillary sinus surgery1,2

  • PROPEL Contour delivery success rate (primary endpoint) in maxillary sinuses was 95.2% (N=15)

  • 100% maxillary sinus ostial patency (secondary endpoint) was achieved at Day 30 (N=15)

  • Reduction in inflammation was observed at Day 30

Study Design: EXCEED was a 15-patient, prospective, single-arm, open-label feasibility trial. Patients were implanted with PROPEL Contour into the maxillary sinus ostia following sinus surgery with traditional instrumentation, balloon dilation, or a hybrid of both.1,3

For significant improvements to patient outcomes following sinus surgery, add PROPEL Contour to your battle for the maxillary sinus*



4 months post-ess

ESS, endoscopic sinus surgery.

*Representative outcome of a single patient. Individual results may vary.

Optimal treatment following maxillary sinus surgery with a full arsenal of options including PROPEL Contour can help improve patient outcomes


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