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Provides your sinus surgery patients with individualized treatment options1-3

  • Intersect ENT has a complete portfolio of implants indicated for use following ESS
  • Intersect ENT offers a family of 3 steroid-eluting implants under one brand: PROPEL
  • The PROPEL family of steroid-eluting implants provides you with the flexibility to treat different sinus anatomies, including the ethmoid, maxillary, and frontal sinuses in a multitude of patient types
  • PROPEL implants promote a tailored approach to postoperative care with options on implants’ indication, size, shape, and delivery system
  • The PROPEL implant provides localized delivery of mometasone furoate (MF), minimizing the reliance of patient compliance

ESS, endoscopic sinus surgery.

Breakthrough technology that opens the sinus cavity and delivers mometasone furoate1-3

  • PROPEL implants feature an innovative 2-in-1 mechanism that opens the sinuses while delivering mometasone furoate, an advanced corticosteroid, directly where it is needed
  • Mometasone furoate was selected for use in PROPEL implants for its optimal sinonasal drug characteristics: highly lipophilic, targeted and potent, and low systemic bioavailability
  • PROPEL implants are composed of a bioabsorbable polymer that breaks down between 30-45 days so implant removal is not required
  • PROPEL has a non-obstructive self-expanding design that allows for mucociliary clearance and the delivery of topical rinses

Delivers the power of robust, clinically proven benefits1-3

  • The efficacy and safety profiles were established in over 350 patients enrolled across 6 clinical studies
  • Proven in prospective randomized, blinded, intra-patient controlled trials to reduce


  • the need for postoperative interventions
  • the need for surgical interventions
  • the need for oral steroids
  • frank polyposis
  • significant adhesions
  • middle turbinate lateralization
  • patients’ perceived burden of symptoms


  • the need for postoperative interventions
  • the need for surgical interventions
  • the need for oral steroids
  • occlusion/restenosis

PROPEL Contour

  • the need for postoperative interventions
  • the need for surgical interventions
  • occlusion/restenosis
  • inflammation
  • PROPEL in the ethmoid is proven to positively impact patients’ perceived burden of symptoms at 6 months

Proven success in the real world1-6

  • With more than 7 years of real-world use and over 300,000 patients treated, the trusted performance of PROPEL family of implants provide patients with proven improvements in sinus surgery outcomes
  • Supported by Level 1-A evidence to significantly improve outcomes of ethmoid sinus surgery
  • First and only FDA-approved steroid-eluting sinus implant
  • PMA-approved
  • 15+ peer-reviewed publications

Efficacious regardless of disease severity4

PROPEL demonstrated efficacy across multiple patient types:

  • With and without nasal polyps
  • Undergoing primary and revision surgery
  • Undergoing traditional and ballooning surgery

Intersect ENT partnership and collaboration

  • One of the only companies specifically dedicated to innovation in the field of otolaryngology
  • Dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients with ENT conditions providing robust clinical evidence
  • Continued collaboration with physicians to innovate and transform CRS care

CRS, chronic rhinosinusitis.


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